Visionary Principles: what is important to my success

Almost fifteen years of professional experience as a self-employed person has helped me identify (often the hard way) the traits most important in business and in life. I aspire to live these principles every day in every professional situation.

  • Service. I am never happier at work than when I can help others be more expressive and productive.
  • Teaching. I have been given so much in my life, I want to share my experience and knowledge with others so they can grow farther, faster and smoother than I have.
  • Reliability. The people we are most likely to turn to, trust and build relationships with are the ones who are dependable, who do what they say they will, and can be counted on to invest themselves in the purpose of the moment.
  • Creativity. I have found that creative solutions come when you keep your eyes and mind open. The hardest part is not letting preconceived ideas, prejudices and conventional methods cloud the actual situation unfolding right in front of you.
  • Meaning. No enterprise is completely successful if it does not connect to some deeper meaning or has some deeper purpose behind it.
  • Authority. Today everyone wants to proclaim themselves an expert of something and have throngs of followers. Actually achieving this takes discipline and constant gathering of knowledge and studying of inspirational sources. My own authority lies in helping others to see the true reach of their expertise.